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#FINAESTAMPA, the art of drawing fashion

Until 29 September 2019

Fashion illustration is the protagonist of #FINAESTAMPA, the exhibition that gathers more than 150 original works by renowned fashion illustrators, national and international, emerging and established, at the Drawing and Illustration ABC Museum in Madrid. Of the selected artists, more than half are women who are setting the pace; among them we find names such as Blair Breitenstein, Laura Gulshani, Inés Maestre, Hellen Bullock, Amelie Hegardt, Cecilia Carlstedt and Rosie McGuinness. This collective exhibition also displays the work of two of the most noted contemporary figures in Barcelona’s fashion illustration scene: the artists Jordi Labanda and Ricardo Fumanal.

#FINAESTAMPA synthesises a precise moment in time, that of fashion illustration in the late-stage second decade of the 21st-century, through the works, aesthetics and techniques being applied today. It is an x-ray of the present day of a discipline that, right from its origins, translates as the reflection of society, with as many sensibilities and nuances as the people who comprise it. While photography is effective in portraying reality, illustration brings us a more emotional and therefore more subjective reality. In these drawings, garments cease to be a commercial product and become an abstract entity, appealing and inspirational and true to our time.

According to the journalist and designer Jesús Cano, the show’s curator, “the twenty-two masters featured do not share a specific technique or a common characteristic. Some use a pencil; others a digital brush; others watercolours. But in all cases the result is an attractive, elegant and unique image. In other words: a fina estampa – a fine appearance”.

Until 29 September 2019


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