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Das Haus 2019


Like every year, the Das Haus project at IMM—the furniture and decoration trade fair staged annually in Cologne, Germany—allows young designers to present their vision of the future house based on a real house in an area of around 180m2. In this edition, the house was built by the Australians Kate and Joel Booy, founders of the Truly Truly Studio in Rotterdam and designers of products and objects for interiors, lighting, textiles and spaces. The couple designed the Rietveld chair especially for the occasion; the chair promises to be “the jewel in the crown” (in this case, of the fair).

Named “Living by Moods”, Das Haus 2019 comprises an intricate outer shell enveloping the public and private zones. The centre of the home is configured by the kitchen, whose unfamiliar forms are an invitation to reorganise the usual workflows of washing, cooking, serving, etc. The house has neither courtyard nor garden, only rooms whose atmospheres carry visitors away and invite them to contemplate the functions of our living environments. Calm areas, private areas and options for sitting down (some solitary, some grouped together) alternate with extensive open spaces. Objets d’art and fabrics, screens, rugs and lamps complete the mise en scène, and provide the proposal with an artistic touch.

Das Haus 2019 showcases a new way of living in which the rooms signify freedom rather than fixed delimitation. Spaces and furnishings are multifunctional—the large dining table with its few chairs can be used for various activities, and the sofa does not dictate an explicit seating direction—. Only the areas intended for relaxation and privacy (such as the bathroom and bedroom) present a more specific meaning and are slightly set apart.

Truly Truly proposes four zones: Reclusive, Serene, Active and Reclining, but they are not separated by walls, instead merging organically into one another, creating very interesting viewing angles that open up everywhere. The warm colour palette helps to create a specific atmosphere, allowing the home’s residents to find the right place to suit their mood. And given that the home is becoming the antithesis of an ever faster-paced life, Das Haus 2019 aims to be a space in which to remove the rapid tempo from your life and shift into a lower gear.

In this project nothing is specifically coded; there are double meanings, cross- references, sensory associations... The domestic elements are transformed into abstract, ambiguous symbols that invite visitors to make a personal interpretation.

An important note: from this edition onwards, Das Haus changes location and moves to Hall 3.1 of Villa Pure, next to the Pure Editions exhibitors, in order to complement the event hub formed by “The Stage” (the conference forum for the Pure segments) and the Pure Talents Contest (imm cologne’s competition for young designers).

From 14 to 20 January 2019


Messeplatz, 1 
50679 Cologne. Germany 

T/+49 221 821 2627

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