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The Mies pavilion joins the celebrations of the Bauhaus year


Light and music come together in “Geometry of Light”, the artistic intervention designed by Luftwerk in collaboration with Iker Gil for the Mies van der Rohe pavilion in Barcelona, in a tribute to the hundred years since the Bauhaus school was founded. We should remember that Ludwig Mies van der Rohe directed the Dessau Bauhaus until the Prussian authorities, in the hands of the Nazi Party, closed down the institution in 1932.

The lighting proposal, conceived as an interpretative layer, covered the Pavilion from 9 to 17 February to highlight the architectural and material characteristics of its structure, including the squared base, the vertical planes and its materiality. The light grid projected on the travertine floor pierced the glass walls to highlight the space as it expanded around the interior section and the exterior. The animated projections danced to the rhythm of the piece of music purpose-created by Oriol Tarragó, in a direct response to the modulation of the space. The two elements —light and sound— thus flowed together and explored a new and altered perception of the Pavilion.

Geometry of Light formed part of the Llum BCN festival and Barcelona’s Santa Eulalia festivities. After its debut in Barcelona, when visitors enjoyed it for a week in February, the intervention will travel to Farnsworth House in October 2019 for the third edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.


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08038 Barcelona. Spain 

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