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The Calvet coat hook and the essence of Gaudí’s thinking


The author of prodigious architectural works, Antonio Gaudí also designed small marvels such as this hanger that, with its dimensions of maximum 25 centimetres, is perhaps the smallest piece of furniture designed by the architect. The design firm BD Barcelona Design has brought it out again as part of Art Editions, its catalogue of limited and numbered editions of works created by an eclectic group of artists united by their exceptional creativity.

The professor and architect Juan José Lahuerta, director of the Gaudí Chair (UPC-ETSAB), describes this unique artisan piece with the following words:

“A central wooden body, rectangular in shape, with undulating edges and surface pierced by three elongated openings, is joined by two steel straps with a brass patina to a further two elements, also in wood and lathed to give it their rounded shapes. One of them is the parietal base and the other the hanger proper, although from the bars of the central body we can also hang garments such as scarves or objects such as umbrellas, for example. Observing this small unit close up is breathtaking, since the straps retain the vivid gesture made by the two hands—Gaudí’s, undoubtedly—that transformed them into a knot tying together the three wooden parts (...). As would happen shortly after with many of the avant-garde art techniques, Gaudí did not “invent” the elements he needed to achieve a set of previously established ends; instead he “collected” them before deciding what their use would be, because in reality everything can be used for everything. This small, marvellous coat hook concentrates the ultimate essence of Gaudí’s artistic mentality, his ‘wild thinking’”.


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08005 Barcelona, Spain

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