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Import WB Export BCN. Re-activate the city

05.04.19 - 23.04.19

After first being staged in Brussels, the “Import WB Export BCN. Re-activate the city” exhibition is now on display in Barcelona. The cities of Brussels and Barcelona, with their respective metropolitan areas, were chosen to share their recent urban experiences at the new edition of the Cities Connection Project (CCP), an initiative that seeks to connect the architectural projects of two European cities with a strong cultural tradition.

On this occasion, the topic of the dialogue between the two selected cities was public facilities understood as “projects to reactivate the city” and as elements for social cohesion. As in each edition (and this is the fifth since the CCP was founded in 2013), the project consists of an exhibition staged in each of the two cities, featuring 40 significant works of the recent architecture built in both of them. The exhibitions are also accompanied by various encounters in which architecture and urban planning creators and professionals and the institutions involved have the opportunity of sharing their respective experiences. The intention is to encourage relations to propitiate new synergies that allow a more in-depth connection between various European spheres.

Among the works on display in the show, curated by the founders of the Cities Connection Project, Xavier Bustos and Nicola Regusci, there are the recently recognised social housing building Navez, by MSA/V+, the Brussels Fashion and Design Centre by V+/Rotor, the mixed-use building erected by Coll-Leclerc in Barcelona and Guinardó Market, by Bayona-Valero/Cantallops-Vicente.

The exhibition includes a catalogue featuring all the projects presented and incorporates an Augmented Reality mobile app for smartphones. As well as the curators, the critics Audrey Contesse and Ferran Grau participated in the catalogue.

From 5 to 23 April 2019


La Rambla, 7
08002 Barcelona. Spain

T/+34 935 671 110

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