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Enchanting Traces

03.05.19 - 28.06.19

After its presentation at the prestigious Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin, the “Enchanting Traces” exhibition arrives in Spain. The show reviews some of the most emblematic architectural works produced by the b720 practice headed by Fermín Vázquez. 20 projects were selected, one for each year of the practice’s history, through which to explain the approach and working methods of b720.

Clustered at the centre of the installation are mock-ups, drawings, work samples, materials and the partial remains of a work of art by some artist with whom b720 has collaborated, evoking a stall in the Encants Barcelona market whose architecture is the work of this practice and the central project of the exhibition discourse. “In the studio we looked for which remnants, which traces remained of the project of these two decades, and here they are, on the floor, 20 years of teamwork, not following a systematic or hierarchical order”, says Fermín Vázquez. Around these material vestiges, on folding panels, there are glimpses of fragments from each one of these projects.

The installation mingles with the daily activity of this space, inviting visitors to view the work of b720 whose projects include the VP. Plaza España Hotel (2018, Madrid), the Lycée Français (2017, Barcelona), the Itaim Tower (2017, São Paolo) recently distinguished with the CTBUH Annual Awards, and the Veles e Vent project (2007, Valencia), in collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects.

Until 28 June 2019


Sancho de Ávila, 66-68
Barcelona. Spain

T/+34 630 722 465



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