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The art of making windows


The wide range of Finstral frames, shapes, colours and accessories are made from the best raw materials and with cutting-edge technologies to meet any need in regards to size, fittings and functionality. The core of the window profiles is PVC to achieve the best insulation and resilience but other materials can also be fitted, for example wood, aluminium or ForRes (Finstral extruded material made from PVC production discards and rice husks).

Right from its start as a small artisan joinery 50 years ago, the company has grown to the solid reality it is today, with its central headquarters in the province of Bolzano, in Italy, and 14 manufacturing plants in Italy and in Europe, making all the components in order to secure the entire production process and guarantee the quality of the finished product.

The entire range of Finstral profiles and glass panes is environmentally friendly, with a conscious use of resources and special attention paid to the proper disposal and recovery of the materials. The numerous international certificates issued by independent institutes—including the RAL quality mark and ISO certifications—are confirmation of the quality of its products, among them the innovative and eco-sustainable ForRes, and FIN-Window, the PVC with an almost-zero consumption system.

Finstral’s commitment to its clients extends right to the end, with the fitting and regular check-up of windows installed by company-trained fitters. They are experts in renovation fittings, with overlapping frames, joint covers and embellishers as well as certified connection works, with insulation tapes and sealing with waterproof sheets that ensure the windows’ watertightness and proper installation. It is the first window manufacturer in Spain to boast fitting certification awarded by the prestigious ift Rosenheim Institute.

The brand has recently opened in its branch in Spain, in Tarragona, a new showroom concept called “Finstral Studio”. This innovative 320-m2 space with 4 display areas has been devised above all to help customers choose their ideal window. It has also developed the “Desk Finstral Planner” tool to provide clients with customized solutions in an orderly, logical way. With the “Always in Good Hands” concept, Finstral demonstratres that controls the entire production process, from profile design to fitting to manufacturing profiles and glass panes, without having to outsource any of it.


Ctra. Nacional 240, KM 14,5
43144 Vallmoll, Tarragona. Spain

T/+34 977 637 001

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