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The magic of imperfection


In June the artist Adalina Coromines presented “The Magic of Imperfection” in Barcelona. Comprised of 14 works, the exhibition was a reflection of the artist’s personality and spirit; a highly intuitive and emotional proposal, with a dialogue between elements of nature and the Wabi Sabi aesthetic. Furthermore, she makes all her own working tools, leading to some extraordinary plastic results.

Her canvases always display the essence of matter, of texture, of colour and of light through earth and natural pigments. Her work is dominated by geometric and organic shapes and non-pure colours adopt a central role, reflecting the erosion produced on the elements by the passage of time.

Initially her pieces were in a small format, always on a board or pressed wood, but her new atelier allows her to work with larger formats. The boards are placed horizontally on metallic tables to which she adds and removes earth, on occasion even scraping the material. She also uses much bas-relief to create a play of light and shadow and at the same time generate the opportunity of expressing the quest for inalienable depth in her work.


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