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Serpentine Pavilion 2019


The architect Junya Ishigami signs the design of the Serpentine temporary pavilion this Summer in Kensington gardens, in London’s Hyde Park. His proposal takes inspiration from a universal architectural feature: roofs. The arranging slates that conform the structure create a canopy roof that appears to emerge from the ground. Within, the interior of the Pavilion is an enclosed cave-like space, a refuge for contemplation.

For the Japanese architect, the Pavilion articulates his “free space” philosophy in which he seeks harmony between man-made structures and those that already exist in nature. Ishigami is celebrated for his experimental methods, that interpret traditional architectural conventions and reflect natural phenomena.

The ephemeral installation is a platform for the Park Nights, the themed programme promoted by the art gallery with experimental and interdisciplinary evenings revolving around art, architecture, music, film and dance, that takes place on selected Fridays. Also, the Recipes for Change project on selected lunchtimes invites artists, activists, writers and architects to form connections through food inspired by the ideas behind the Pavilion design. Last but not least, the Architecture Family Pack will give children and their families the chance to explore the structure from playful and original perspectives.

Until 6 October 2019


Kensington Gardens 
W2 3XA, London. UK

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