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Das Haus 2020, Mediterranean design signed by MUT

13.01.20 - 19.01.20

Like every year, the Das Haus project at IMM—the furniture and decoration trade fair staged in Cologne—allows young designers to present their vision of the future house based on a real house fully furnished in an area of around 180m2 in the middle of the Pure Editions area, Hall 3.1.

In its ninth edition, the Valentian team MUT Design will be in charge of this section of the German trade fair, with a project that has been named “A la fresca”, meaning to “step out into the fresh air”.

“Mediterranean life is synonymous with outdoor living. Das Haus 2020 will explore interior design by means of opening the space up to the outdoors. Our houses have always integrated a little bit of nature into their interiors”, say Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, founders of MUT. "The circular general outline of our Das Haus is framed by a flat square of reflective metal. Artificial light is largely avoided. Instead, Das Haus radiates from within: the cave-like private area located in the centre between diagonally convergent wall panels is illuminated by a light source that aims to imitate the natural light of the sun as it moves across the sky over the course of the day".

The design studio MUT is one of the most successful teams of the “new wave” in Spanish design. In their native Valencia they create furniture, carpets, tiles and lamps for the interiors sector, as well as designing hotels and exhibitions. All their work is characterised by a tendency towards simple, soft, circular shapes. Their creations, which have won major accolades such as the Red Dot award, exhibit forms with a vaguely unfamiliar quality or translate a familiar shape into a modern design. Their international clientele includes firms such as Expormim, GAN, Ex.t, Sancal, Preciosa Lighting, Bolia, E interiors, Harmony Inspire, Missana and LZF.

“MUT is the kind of multidisciplinary community of like-minded people that exists in all sorts of constellations nowadays: modern, flexible and creative. They work in a surprisingly diversity of fields: they’re product designers, creative directors, graphic designers, interior designers and curators, all rolled into one,” says Dick Spierenburg, creative director of the imm cologne. “They stand for a new generation of design studios that’s responding to a changed market landscape in which huge demands are made of designers’ adaptability and inventiveness.”

From 13 to 19 January 2020


Messeplatz, 1  
50679 Cologne. Germany  

T/+49 221 821 2627



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