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ON370 - MAY/2017

Whirlpool Iberia

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Microwave with the exclusive Dual Crisp technology, which combines the comfort of the microwave with professional cooking, an oven and the ability to fry without oil. Dual Crisp uses a special wave emission system that guarantees crunchy results along its full length. The first emitter reaches the centre of the food, while the second is aimed directly at the Crisp Plate, which reaches a temperature of 210 ºC. This makes it possible to cook, toast/fry and brown food in an even fashion, keeping it juicy in the centre and preserving its nutritional value. Available with an AutoClean function and a Forced Air function that can stop the rotating plate, facilitating the use of large rectangular containers.

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Whirlpool Iberia
Avinguda dels Vents 9- 13. Edificio Blurbis, Escalera A, 2ª Planta
08917 Badalona, Barcelona España
T/+34 902 203 204
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