La columna de comunicaciones Siedle

ON246 - OCT/2003


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The Siedle communications column depends on the modules with which it is fitted. In this way it can be transformed on a tannoy system, television tower, mail receptor, indicator sign or lighting support, or all of them at once in a column. It permits placing the functional modules at the ergonomically correct height. It is transformed into a freely installable communications centre for the vestibule of a building. Or also in the lower part of the building in question, given that the elements are resistant to inclement weather conditions.

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Parque Empresarial Rivas Futura
Marie Curie, 5-7
Edificio Alfa, oficina 5-1
28521 Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid) España
T/916 755 980
F/914 997 447
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