ON325 - FEB/2012

Came Cancelli Automatici

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Touch-screen terminal designed for managing the home from a single device. Via a large-size LCD monitor and the intuitive graphic interface it can immediately control all the fitted automations. It is possible to adjust lights, raise awnings and shutters, activate and deactivate pre-programmed scenarios, among other actions. The device permits customising the monitor with images, drawings or real digital photographs of the home. It offers the possibility of customising the frame with numerous colour variations.

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Came Cancelli Automatici
Via Martiri della Libertá, 15
31030 Dosson di Casier (TV) Italia
T/+39 0422 490 960
F/+39 0422 490 944
Came Automatismos
Juan De Mariana, 17
28045 Madrid España
T/915 285 009
F/914 685 442
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