Urbanistic development and intervention on the landscape

Víznar. Granada

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Returning from the Walk. Intervention on the landscape of the estate of Cortijo de las Colonias

Carmen Moreno Álvarez, arquitecta

FAD Awards finalist 2007  City and landscape
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It was proposed to recreate the dialogue between the landscape and the architecture through the use of a minimum possible number of components among which intervene history and archaeology. One of the fundamental components of the dialogue being recomposed, more for its significant values than for other reasons, is the remains of the country estate called Las Colonias, the last prison of those condemned to death by Franco’s army in Granada during the Civil War, among whom we have to count the poet Federico García Lorca. From the site, which has a privileged location, one can contemplate the Vega, the sierra of Alfaguara and the ravine where the poet of Granada was shot. According to the project, the main priority in the intervention has been to preserve the “ambient and historic value” of the space, something that has led to recovering the vegetation and the Aynadamar irrigation channel. The objectives of the proposal are recovering the route of the water conduit and to link its course to a path that crosses the estate, where it is planned to replant trees and recover two reservoirs and the terraced farming system. The works undertaken on this complex seek to recover the walk through the estate via three routes: the stroller’s walk, the water walk and the transparent walk. The first runs in parallel to the Aynadamar irrigation channel. The second one recovers the open stream. Lastly, the transparent walk represents Lorca’s silent passage through this place, forced to walk through the estate before he died. This route ends in a poem from Poet in New York entitled Vuelta de paseo, cut into a stone bathed by the water.

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Localización: Cortijo de las Colonias. Víznar. Granada. Autor: Carmen Moreno Álvarez, arquitecta. Arquitecto técnico: Luís Olmedo García. Serigrafía: Christian Walter. Construcción: Silalcón. Maximiano Hernández. Promotor: Consejería de Cultura. Junta de Andalucía. Fotografía: Fernando Alda y Javier Callejas.
Carmen Moreno Álvarez