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Muros. A Coruña

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Health centre in Muros

Jesús Irisarri Castro y Guadalupe Piñera Manso, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2007  Architecture
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A wood and glass shell shapes a prism of rigorous external geometry in which the materials employed for its construction are left exposed and generate both semi-open courtyards invaded by the garden and interior patios to generate a series of different interior atmospheres accompanied by as many modifications in the perimeter enclosures –modifying the wood chip that is introduced in the double glazing—and alterations in the indoor- outdoor relations and, consequently, in the different interior atmospheres. The construction as a load bearing element of the wooden frames gives it the necessary dimension to provide suitable thickness for the facade and to the south provide the necessary protection from the summer sun. This is improved by making evident the wooden latticework on external slats.Parts of the facade are translucent walls that provide an ambient connection with the exterior and manage to reveal the thickness of the wall by bringing the wooden load bearing structure inside.The south and west facades are permanently ventilated in their external layer and closed off in the other two facades.Access to the interior of the health centre takes place from the south headwall along a longitudinal axis of irregular geometry until it reaches the back end, along the successive semi-open courtyards that punctuate in a nuanced way the penetration of natural light into the interior spaces. A succession of transversal corridors facilitates access to the rooms situated next to the lateral facades, noteworthy among which is the ambulance entrance, with is situated in the northwest facade.

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Localización: Muros. A Coruña. Arquitectos: Jesús Irisarri Castro y Guadalupe Piñera Manso. Colaboradores: Antonio Reboreda Martínez, estructura, Ana María Vigo y Manuel López, instalaciones, Lourdes Rey Rey, arquitecta, y Fátima Iglesias, estudiante de arquitectura. Aparejador: Sancho Páramo Cerqueira. Construcción: Construcciones Abal. Promotor: Conselleria de Sanidade. Xunta de Galicia. Fotografía: Juan Rodríguez.
Jesús Irisarri Castro
Vigo, Pontevedra
Guadalupe Piñera Manso
Vigo, Pontevedra