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Expansion of the Prado Museum

Rafael Moneo, arquitecto

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Beyond the simple expansion of the Villanueva building, the intervention on the Prado Museum must be interpreted as one more chapter in the prolonged history of the building. In this sense, what was required of the architects who took part in the prior competition was the way the available space would be colonised. Rafael Moneo’s project, the winner of that competition, demanded opening up the now boarded-up Velázquez gate in the portico above Paseo del Prado, an opening that propitiated and led the route from that gate to the Jerónimos cloister. Hence, the path that leads from the Velázquez gate to the Jerónimos cloister has become the true guiding thread for a whole extensive sequence of architectural episodes that give rise to the resolution of the specific problems set out in the proposed programme.

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Localización: Paseo del Prado, Madrid. Arquitecto: Rafael Moneo. Colaboradores proyecto: Belén Hermida, Christoph Schmid, Carmen Díez, Mariano Molina, Jacobo García Germán y Borja Peña. Colaboradores proyecto ejecutivo: Christoph Schmid, Belén Hermida, Eduardo Arilla, José Mª Hurtado de Mendoza, Oliver Bieniussa, Dirk Schluppkotten, Juan Manuel Nicás y Filippo Serra. Colaboradores obra: Pedro Elcuaz, Miguel Angel Santamaría, Filippo Serra, Francisco Blasco Esparza, David Campo, Belén Hermida, Isabel López Taberna, Scott Snyder y Fernando Iznaola. Estructura: Jesús Jiménez Cañas, NB 35 Ingenieros. Instalaciones: Rafael Úrculo Aramburu, Úrculo Ingenieros Consultores. Aparejadores: Santiago Hernán y Juan Carlos Corona. Maquetas: Juan de Dios Hernández y Jesús Rey. Estudio Rafael Moneo. Promotor: Ministerio de Cultura. Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba.
Rafael Moneo