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El Escorial. Madrid

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Casa Levene in El Escorial

NO.MAD Arquitectos. Eduardo Arroyo, arquitecto

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Resulting from many of the ideas born of the concerns or needs of urban life is the forceful emergence of a respect for the environment and for nature. On this basis an “ecological” project was born in which the construction of a family house has been subordinated to the existence of the trees that stood on the site, and it has been designed in such a way as to avoid having to cut any of them down. This maximum respect for nature, together with the existing regulations, which required predetermined roof inclinations, plus the family model of the inhabitants of this residential unit were determining factors when it came to give shape to this dwelling. Structurally, the house is composed of specialised branches, each one with its own geometry, that mix their volumes with the century-old pines of a forest situated in the town of El Escorial, in the province of Madrid.

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Localización: San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid. Autor: NO.MAD Arquitectos. Eduardo Arroyo, arquitecto. Colaboradores: Francesco Monaco, arquitecto, Javier Tamer Elshiekh, arquitecto, Cristina Fidalgo, arquitecto, Carlos Coscollano, arquitecto técnico, Joaquín Antuña, arquitecto estructura. Constructora: Santamaría- Ayuso. Fotografía: Roland Halbe.
Eduardo Arroyo
Nomad Arquitectos
Roland Halbe
Stuttgart, Alemania