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Auditorium of León

Luis M Mansilla y Emilio Tuñón, arquitectos


The auditorium of León presents itself to the city like a living being whose face is decidedly oriented towards the Hostal de San Marcos. Its façade-face, like a white stack of profoundly flared windows, weaves a distant canonical scale, with an irregular structure of openings that arises from the interior needs of the building; in this way, almost like a Plateresque echo of the fabric of the nearby Hospital, the auditorium shows itself on the urban scene like a forceful cut and perforated membrane that permits a minute and fragmented reading of the general façade plane.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: Avenida Reyes Leoneses. León. Promotor: Junta de Castilla y León y Ayuntamiento de León. Proyecto: Luis M Mansilla y Emilio Tuñón, arquitectos. Dirección de obras: Luis M. Mansilla, Emilio Tuñón y Andrés Regueiro. Aparejadores: Santiago Hernán y Juan C. Corona. Colaboradores: Andrés Regueiro, Fernando García-Pino, María Linares y Matilde Peralta. Consultoras: JG Asociados y Alfonso Gómez Gaite. Asesor acústica: Higini Arau. Diseño gráfico: Gráfica Futura. Maqueta: Juan de Dios Hernández y Jesús Rey. Construcción: Auditorio UTE (FCC/CRS). Fotografía: Luis Asín.
Emilio Tuñón
Luis M. Mansilla
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