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Extension to the Bank of Spain

Rafael Moneo, arquitecto

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The expansion was proposed of the original Bank of Spain headquarters through the use of the same constructional and architectural materials used in the successive expansions that the building has undergone on previous occasions. This use of the materials inherent to the building permits maintaining the lines of contact of the building’s fabric with those characteristic to the new construction to ensure a perfect consistency between the primitive edifice and the expansions undergone by the bank, with the networks of tension regarding the part it plays and its relationship with the urban roles it adopts. Rafael Moneo’s text clearly exposes the fundamental aspects of the intervention that has been undertaken.

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Localización: esquina Alcalá-Marqués de Cubas, Madrid. Arquitecto: Rafael Moneo. Aparejador: Francisco González Peiró. Colaboradores: Julio Olóriz (arquitecto proyecto) y Diego Colón de Carvajal Salís. Obra: Francisco González Peiró. Dirección de Obra: Rafael Moneo y Francisco González Peiró. Estructura: NB 35, Jesús Jiménez. Instalaciones: IDOM, ingeniería, A.C.S. (Dragados), DETECSA, VOLCONSA, construcción. Maquetas: Estudio Rafael Moneo. Escultores: Estudio de Rafael Moneo y Francisco López Quintanilla (cariátides). Promotor: Banco de España. Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba.
Rafael Moneo