Badalona. Barcelona

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Headquarters for offices and workshop warehouse for a high-tech and components equipment company

HYBRIDa, Sylvia Felipe y Jordi Truco

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This project centres on the continuation of certain parts that had not been developed in the first phase of the project for the new headquarters for the offices and workshop-warehouse of the company Eurocomercial de Nuevas Tecnologías (Eurocont). The project is based on completing the company’s facilities with certain interior elements and with the definition of spaces that had not yet been reformed.The access is converted into an advertising and display space that explains how technologies and new materials can create spaces and geometries that could hitherto be considered to be difficult to control or carried an added cost that made the project somewhat less than viable. Continuing with the idea of an on-site manufacture and assembly of the product and of customised manufacture at a cost similar to that of the all-standard production of components, the project seeks to emphasise the idea of the company of always being at the forefront with an innovative product or production system.

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Emplazamiento: calle del Plàstic. Badalona. Barcelona. Gestión de contratación: HYBRIDworks. Autores: Sylvia Felipe y Jordi Truco. Colaboradores: Emmanel Rufo, arquitecto, Udo Thoennissen, Francesca Calvino y Marco Verde. Ingeniería de fachadas: Technocladd – Coperfil, Ferran Sen y Xavier Canton. Control numérico y centro de mecanizado: TAD (Taller de arquitectura digital de la ESARQ—UIC, HIBRIDa, Emmanuel Rufo y Marco Verde. Fotografía: Iñigo Bujedo.
Sylvia Felipe
Jordi Truco