Multi-family dwellings

La Haya. Holanda

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Rabbijn Maarsenplein housing complex

Rafael Moneo y Alberto Nicolau, arquitectos

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The initiative does not adopt an architectural dimension only, but also an essentially urban condition given that the existing planning regulations do not determine the basic dimensions and parameters of the construction. Next to the space occupied by the building is a splendid church with ceramic brick fabric and a series of majestic trees, elements with which the new architecture must play to determine the new construction. The different scales, the various dimensional conditions and the different volumetries are the conditions that must be taken into account in order to articulate the new building and keep it out of context in such a characteristic area of this Dutch city. The ceramic brick fabrics, the colours, the openings of large dimensions and the different textures are details that enhance the facades of the new building with the absolute purpose of establishing a suitable relationship between it and the architectures that already exist in the city.

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Arquitectos autores del proyecto: Rafael Moneo y Alberto Nicolau, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Marta Zamanillo, Julio Oloriz, Juan Rodríguez-Villa, José Gahona y Vidal Abascal. Claus en Kaan Architecten. Colaboradores: Frederik Ellens, Brigitte Ruedel, Eric Drienhaus y Mario Flamman. Ingeniería estructura: Raadgevend ingenieursbureau Peree. Consultores instalaciones: VIAC Vink Installatie Advies Centrum. Construcción: BAM Vastgoed y Wilma. Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba.
Rafael Moneo
Alberto Nicolau