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Mollet del Vallès. Barcelona

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Can Basora Nursery and Primary School

Víctor Rahola y Enric Jené, arquitectos

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The project process is based on two fundamental considerations. The first of them is the site on which the project stands –a plot of barely twelve thousand metres square, basically rectangular in shape– and the second one is the functional complexity of a building of such characteristics, on the basis of its relationship between the communal spaces and the integration of the exterior spaces into the programme. As a result of these considerations and others of lesser entity, the principal volume of the building is sited according to the alignment of calle Sabadell, which has little vehicle traffic and offers a facade of a markedly urban nature, allowing the liberation of the rest of the site for playgrounds, as it is more fragile and sensitive to aggressions of an environmental nature.

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Emplazamiento: Mollet del Vallés. Barcelona. Arquitectos: Víctor Rahola y Enric Jené. Colaboradores: Kalok, instalaciones, y J. Bernuz y M. Fernández, estructura. Construcción: Hero. Promotor: GISA. Fotografía: Alejo Bagué.
Víctor Rahola
Enric Jené
Aleix Bagué