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Los Rosales. A Coruña

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Children’s school in Los Rosales

Diaz & Diaz Arquitectos

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The building is single-storey in order to thus boost the ecological value of its location; its magnificent perspectives minimise the impact of the construction while meeting the basic criteria of accessibility. After considering its urban surroundings, with large open spaces and high towers, it was sought to design a building that would create its own scale and protect itself. At the same time, the diversification of the programme for the children’s school made it advisable to make the functions independent, grouping together those whose development and use was communal. The architectural solution develops with organisational clarity through rectangular, open-plan forms that allow for easy understanding and a greater degree of flexibility. The facades are arranged according to their orientation. The opaque facades with few openings express the building’s determination to protect itself from its surroundings. Glazed fronts that allow a view of the landscaped spaces, plus generous natural lighting, towards the Seaside Promenade with a north-east orientation.

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Localización: Los Rosales. A Coruña. Arquitectos: Gustavo Díaz y Lucas Díaz. Diaz & Diaz Arquitectos. Aparejador: Ramón Rodilla Marcos. Construcción: Cuadernas y Arcos. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de la Coruña. Fotografía: Juan Rodríguez.
Díaz & Díaz Arquitectos
La Coruña