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Architects’ savings bank

Carlos Pereda Iglesias, Oscar Pérez Silanes, Francisco J. Mangado

FAD Awards finalist 2008  Interior design
Description Technical file

A new branch of the Caja de Arquitectos savings bank was designed on the basis of several premises: on one hand, complete design freedom to develop the project, which had to reflect a notable degree of constructional quality in spite of the restraint of the materials employed, and on the other, the need to allow natural light into the offices. This had the basic purpose of creating an eminently functional and management programme.

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Emplazamiento: Pamplona. Autores: Carlos Pereda Iglesias, Oscar Pérez Silanes, Francisco J. Mangado. Arquitecto técnico: Pedro Legarreta Nuin. Ingenieros: Iturralde y Sagüés. Técnicos colaboradores: José Joaquín Arricibita Flamarique. Constructora: Lantegia. Promotor: Arquía Caja de Arquitectos. Fotografía: César San Millán y José Manuel Cutillas.
Francisco José Mangado Beloquí
Pamplona, Navarra
Carlos Pereda Iglesias
Pamplona, Navarra
Oscar Pérez Silanes
Pamplona, Navarra