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Remodelling of Plaza del Torico in Teruel

B720 Arquitectos. Fermín Vázquez

FAD Awards finalist 2008  City and landscape
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The Plaza del Torico of Teruel, the backbone of the commercial and social life of this urban enclave since the Middle Ages and dominated by the small sculpture of the Torico (small bull) standing on a high pedestal where the central fountain dating from the year 1858 is also situated, has been undergoing a new and painstaking remodelling based on two key elements: on one hand, maintaining the traditional properties of this enclave and, on the other, a highly noteworthy illumination project. To give an idea of the pains and care taken with this remodelling, it began with the dismantling and transfer of the stone piles that surrounded the fountain while the works were being undertaken, to then centre on recovering elements of great heritage value, such as the facades, porches and reservoirs found in the square. In addition, the new floor lighting system composed of over a thousand luminaires with LED lamps embedded in the floor has the possibility of changing colour through the use of a specific programme, allowing it to generate different textures and rhythms of light. During the day, the light provides flashes and contrasts of lights and shadows thanks to the pattern of luminescent incrustations that the paving possesses, giving it a dynamic, living character.

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Localización: Plaza del Torico. Teruel. Autor: b720 Arquitectos. Fermín Vázquez. Colaboradores: Agustín Miranda, Pedro Baltar, Sebastián Khourian, María Barbeito, Ana Caffaro, Leyre Ciriza, Ángel Corsino (maquetas), Pedro García, Pablo Garrido, Gustavo Gaudeoso, Guillermo Gutiérrez , Markus Jacobi, Paulo Moreira, Magdalena Ostornol, Javier Piedra, Andrea Rodríguez, Marta Sorribes, Alesandro Zanchetta (comunicación visual), arquitectos. Constructor: Acciona. Aparejador: Tirwal. Estructuras: Valladares. Instalaciones: Inarse. Asesores iluminación: Artec3 Lighting. Maurici Ginés, José Cardona, Jesús González, José Mª Deza. Promotor: Sociedad Municipal Urban Teruel. Diputación General de Aragón. Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba.
Fermín Vázquez
b720 Arquitectos