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D Jewellery Shop

Vaillo&Irigaray. Antonio Vaillo y Juan L. Irigaray, arquitectos. Director de proyecto: Daniel Galar, arquitecto

FAD Award 2008  Interior design
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These premises of small dimensions and deep narrow geometry are the framework for the presentation of a jewellery collection displayed in a dark space of magical air, in the manner of a coffer of treasure. This container has been shaped by twinning two opposing sections: the top one, dark, matt, light and vibrant, and the bottom one, silvery, shiny, heavy and rigid.The dark one is generated from an inverted asymmetrical U that produces an extruded section into a vault to thus shape the ceiling and the laterals asymmetrically while proposing an interpretation of a mysteriously pleated curtain-backdrop. The other dihedron shapes the floor and the lateral furniture behind the central counter, shaping a prone L. It is generated as a distressed folded surface, shiny and deep.

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Emplazamiento: Pamplona. Autores: Antonio Vaíllo i Daniel y Juan L. Irigaray Huarte. Director de proyecto: Daniel Galar Irurre, arquitecto. Vaíllo & Irigaray + Galar. Colaboradores: David Eguinoa, arquitecto. Luis Miguel Navarro, ingeniero. Juan Carlos de la Iglesia, delineante, Ángel Álvarez, delineante, Oscar Martínez, delineante, Isabel Franco, administración. Construcción: Ignacio Huarte. Construcciones Cleys. Consultor iluminación: Anton Aman - ALS Lighting. Promotor: Danieli Joyeros. Fotografía: Jose M. Cutillas.
Antonio Vaillo y Daniel
Pamplona, Navarra
Juan Luis Irigaray Huarte
Pamplona, Navarra