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Atlantic Park in Santander’s La Vaguada de las Llamas

Enric Batlle y Joan Roig

FAD Awards finalist 2008  City and landscape
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This is a great urban park that reproduces the Atlantic geography and also serves as an expansion of the university campus. In effect it operates as an integrating element between two highly populated areas of the city, the university zone and a residential area. In addition, access and pedestrian zones have been opened up transversally between one part of the city and the other.The park is divided into three areas. The lowest one is the area of the rushes, with protected flora and wildlife and the existing riverbed. Reeds and a large artificial lake have been incorporated. Bordering this space is the area dedicated to the Atlantic zone, with new and future vegetation, and on the sides of the central zone, two platforms featuring tree groves, children’s playgrounds, paths, gardens and public leisure spaces.The park has adopted graded hillocks with vegetation in their central stretches that serve to bridge the considerable unevenness of the watercourse, incorporating stairs, ramps or amphitheatres that give continuity to the complex while creating platforms that will organise the park into spaces situated at different heights.

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Emplazamiento: Santander. Autores: Enric Batlle y Joan Roig, arquitectos. Ingeniería: Apia XXI. Colaboradores: Albert Gil, arquitecto, Elena Mostazo, ingeniera agrónoma. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Santander. Fotografía: Jorge Poo.
Enric Batlle
Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona
Joan Roig
Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona