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Àbac Hotel and Restaurant

Antoni de Moragas Arquitectes

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This is a complex consisting of two buildings, an old house and a new glass pavilion, divided by beautiful gardens. The century- old building has been completely refurbished owing to its historical value, as it was the old residence in the nineteentwenties of Doña Madronita Andreu, an intellectual from the Catalan bourgeoisie born in the late nineteenth century, daughter of the famous Doctor Andreu, known for his cough syrup and pastilles, and wife of the North American Max Klein, a US delegate for Commerce and one of the introducers of basketball in Spain. Owing to their high architectural value, all the original elements have been conserved. The other construction, a new build, is the glass pavilion, covered in wooden lattices and integrated into the garden. This volume houses the restaurant, with a kitchen-laboratory on the ground floor covering two hundred metres square. Below the arches of the old stables is a wine cellar with around five hundred labels, while a spa and a lounge bar lit up with rgb LEDs complete the facilities.

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Emplazamiento: Barcelona. Autor: Antoni de Moragas , arquitecto. Colaboradores: Bet Figueras, paisajista, Jordi Roca Cerrol, ESS. Interiorismo: GCA Arquitectes. Estructura: Calform XXI. Constructora: Horeca, And. Project Manager: Arteco. Instalaciones- AB2. Fotografía: Lluís Casals.
Antoni de Moragas Gallissà
Lluis Casals