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Municipal pilgrim hostel

Mercedes Sánchez-Marco Sancho, arquitecta

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This intervention forms part of the commitment by Pamplona City Hall to recover the city’s historic centre and, specifically, this building of architectural interest, helping to promote the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrim trail, as it passes through Pamplona. The proposal resolves in a simple manner the spaces utilised by the pilgrims, such as the bedrooms, by incorporating habitable modules that occupy the lateral bays, which turn their backs to the central nave and stand on the nave’s floor, separated from the lateral walls and the columns, evidencing their ephemeral nature in contrast to the permanence of the building’s architecture. The basis for the work is the respect shown for the existing building, giving it a protagonist role, allowing it to speak in order to recover and maintain its original spirit insofar as possible, giving it a new vital impulse through this new use for an activity that was not foreign to ecclesiastical architecture in its origins. It was sought to emphasise the ephemeral condition of the partition elements introduced in the building, in contrast to the forceful architecture of the old church. The quality of the unitary space that envelops the bay is valued and respected: the vertical elements introduced in it do not partition; they simply provide privacy and visual separation. This occurs thanks to the profound knowledge of the building in which the work takes place, of the techniques employed, of its era, of its environment.

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Emplazamiento: Pamplona. Autora: Mercedes Sánchez-Marco Sancho, arquitecta. Jefe de obra: Albert Regot. Encargado de obra: Felipe Bustillo. Colaboradores: Verónica Quintanilla Crespo, arquitecta, Víctor Biurrun Aramayo, arquitecto técnico, Raúl Escrivá, ingeniero de estructuras, Antonio Aretxabala Diez, geólogo, Ingeniería Leyre, ingenieros de instalaciones, Gabinete Trama, arqueología, y María García Barberena, historiadora. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Pamplona. Constructora: UTE ACR /COMSA. Fotografía: José Manuel Cutillas.
Mercedes Sánchez-Marco
José Manuel Cutillas
Pamplona, Navarra