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Cambridge, Massachusetts. USA

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Laboratory for Interface of Science and Engineering (LISE) Harvard University

Rafael Moneo, arquitecto

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Lise is a building that stands out for its shape and function. Noteworthy in the first is its glass facade, which changes according to the way the sunlight strikes it, the concrete plinth, which delimits the view and favours passage for people and, lastly, the play of natural light entering the underground floors. The building represents a central element in the architectural model of the campus, facilitating interrelations between the existing volumes and the users of the nearby buildings. The volume is composed of above-ground levels used as labs or rooms, and other underground ones with highly specific uses, free of noise and external vibrations. The architect’s ingenuity and skill functionally resolves the entry of daylight into these buried zones. In this way, the building rests on three pedestals whose walls channel the light towards the interior.

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Emplazamiento: Universidad de Harvard. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA. Autor: Rafael Moneo, arquitecto. Colaboradores: Valeria Mazarakis, Peter Lee, Francisco Padilla, Sebastián Guivernau, David Goodman. Arquitecto Asociado: Wilson Architects. Mark Reed. Estructura: LeMessurier Consultants. Ingeniero de caminos: Science / Engineering / Architecture Consultants, Inc. Instalaciones: Bard, Rao, Athanas Consulting Engineers. Arquitecto Paisajista: Stephen Stimson Associates. Acústica: Acentech, Inc. Normativas: Rolf Jensen Associates. Seguridad: Advanced Technologies Solutions. Herramientas: Abbie Gregg, Inc. Promotor: Universidad de Harvard, Facultad de Artes y Ciencias. Fotografía: Michael Moran.
Rafael Moneo