Chemnitz. Alemania

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New Headquarters for the Deutsche Bundesbank

MAP Architects. José Luis Mateo, arquitecto

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The project consists of the construction of the new headquarters for the Deutsche Bundesbank in a space surrounded by nature, with century-old trees. The space is filled with historical and cultural references that are nevertheless useless in inspiring the author, who seeks the leitmotif of the project in a tree. From its surroundings, the Palaeontology Museum of Chemnitz also serves him to develop an interaction between these elements and to think of alabaster as the ideal material to represent the passage from the organic to the inorganic. The use of this material also seeks to bring a certain lightness and transparency to this building typology, which is normally compact and closed to any external gazes. In a habitual resource of Mateo, the work identifies itself with the place in which it has been developed, turning into an architecture that is very much of the country in which it finds itself.

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Emplazamiento: Parque de las Víctimas del Fascismo. Chemnitz, Alemania. Autor: MAP Architects. Josep Lluís Mateo, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Markus Lauber, jefe de proyecto, David Carim, Tobias Friedrich, Alexa Nürnberger, Boris Bezan, Arnoud Hulpia, Anna Wüst, Elke Störl, equipo. Arquitecto local: Erfurth und Partner Ingenieure, Alexander Georgi Architekt, (2002-2004); Nieper und Partner Dipl.-Ing- Architekten (2001- 2002). Ingeniería de estructuras: Leonhard Andrä & Partners. Ingeniería de instalaciones: Iproplan. Intervención artística: Petr Kvicala. Promotor: Deutsche Bundesbank. Fotografía: Jan Bitter Fotografie.
Josep Lluís Mateo