Manresa. Barcelona

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Partial renovation of the city hall

Manuel Bailo Esteve y Rosa Rull Bertran, arquitectos

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In this intervention on Manresa City Hall – an old eighteenth-century building that required reforms to adapt it to the general needs of the public – the starting point is a broken, domed plane (its authors define it as “a chipped spot on the old wall of the City Hall”), which forms a polyhedral volume that serves to house a new staircase and a lift that gives panoramic views of the mountain of Montserrat. This is a feature of so-called intermediate cities, which can permit themselves a closer relationship with their nearest landmarks, whether rivers, mountains, hills, forests, etc. The vast majority of projects by Bailo and Rull happen to be staged in this type of city and its relationship with the landscape.

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Emplazamiento: Plaça de la Vila, 1. Manresa, Barcelona. Autores: Manuel Bailo Esteve y Rosa Rull Bertran, arquitectos. Proyecto ejecución: M. Camallonga / Obra: Narcis Font. Colaboradores: A. Brito, M. Camallonga, N. Canas, A. Estevez, M. Girbau, M. Hita, LAA, A. Marin, A. Mañosa, J. Maroto, Y. Olmo, J. Pala, A. Rovira, L. Troost. Estructura: Marti Cabestany. Arquitecto técnico: Joel Vives. Instalaciones: Victor Barnés. Constructor: Construccions Vidal. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Manresa. Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba.
Manuel Bailo
Rosa Rull