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Mediapro Tower. Distrito 22@

Carlos Ferrater, Xavier Marti, Patrick Genard, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Architecture
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This building resolves in brilliant fashion the difficult integration of a functional programme of complex characteristics into an urban environment marked by the presence of significant architectures, in the framework of Barcelona’s Avenida Diagonal.

The building’s volumetric composition has been formed by following the alignments and visual guidelines of its urban position. The main headwall has thus been twisted to present a front façade to the main street, whose first four floors have been perforated to provide an exit to calle Bolivia, thus giving focus to its urban perspective. The tower, with its first cantilevered shift, builds an edge that brings tension and character to the complex. In the upper floors, the building seeks the upper edge of the tower on a diagonal, finishing off its geometry in a sculptural manner and generating a dynamic play of shadows through the interaction of the two alignments.

Because of its interior design, the office tower offers a great deal of flexibility of use thanks to the absence of pillars or intermediate structures. This produces open-plan floors.

The varying configuration of the different floors permits a certain functional specialisation of the programmes. Audiovisual production and teaching is located in the lower body and the business management area in the tower, thus constituting a programme-related unity.

A unique window model developed in continuity in all the facades offers good lighting and vistas of the city from anywhere in the tower, as well as a great degree of versatility in the interior layout.

The structural skeleton turns into the final shape of the building by achieving a coincidence between the load bearing structure and the façade.
A single element, a pillar measuring 0.70 x 0.30 centimetres, varies its internal steel section according to the load bearing state while its concrete filling provides greater inertia in case of fire. The greater height of these pillars in the lower floors and in the top floor destined for installations gives the building a classical configuration.

The structure painted in a steely bronze colour, the same as the fine metallic frames of the windows that close off the gaps in the structure, softens the different spans, giving the tower a sensual and powerful appearance.
The interrelation of both geometries, structure and skin, gives rise to a juxtaposition that gradually defines two planes that meet the front elevation of the building on Avenida Diagonal.

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Emplazamiento: Avenida Diagonal 177. Distrito 22@. Barcelona. Autores: Carlos Ferrater, Xavier Marti, Patrick Genard, arquitectos. Colaborador: Dariela Hentschel. Estructura: Juan Calvo (Pondio). Constructora: Sacyr-Vallhermoso. Fotografía: Alejo Bagué
Carlos Ferrater Lambarri
Patrick Genard
Martí-Galí, Xavier
Aleix Bagué