Multi-family dwellings

Benidorm, Alicante

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40 supervised apartments for the elderly

Javier García-Solera, arquitecto

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Architecture
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A social issue, that of housing for the third age, is brilliantly resolved through this project, which suffered under great limitations, through the construction of a residential programme of notable formal and constructional rigour that integrates into the peculiar, vertical and touristic landscape of Benidorm.

The project arose from two simultaneous competitions for the construction of two towers –one for the elderly and another one for young people—on either side of the street, plus two public spaces generated around them and occupied by a park that is open to the use of the citizens.

After the jury’s verdict, which gave first prize to García-Solera for the project for the elderly and second prize for that for young people, only one of the two planned parts was adjudicated, although the two of them were initially devised as a common whole. The opportunity was therefore lost for a single, highly characterful project capable of linking up with the global scale of the city.

It was proposed to make the most of the resources possible in a tower construction with the objective of achieving a close coexistence among its inhabitants. With this intention, the various possibilities of a vertical construction were explored, one that was to occupy a ground floor, a first floor and other higher ones for communal uses that would also tighten the links between the construction and the green zone that was to surround it in an immediate future.

The uses are arranged so that all the communal floors are pleasant to use thanks to the way they have been fitted out and to the proposed relationship with the surroundings. Up to three spaces for outdoor use situated on the ground floor were added to the internal programme. The first floor, as an extension of the ground floor, favours close links with the landscaped area and the hillock that separates it from the street, at the same time offering protection at the foot of the construction. The third floor, together with the games areas and lounges, builds a large terrace for multiple activities, defining a space that is a lookout balcony revolving around all the orientations to seek out the distant views as well as the best sunlight conditions for each hour of the day and the different seasons of the year.

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Emplazamiento: Secretario Juan Antonio Baldovi - Pajares. La Cala. Benidorm. Alicante. Autor: Javier García-Solera Vera, arquitecto. Colaboradores: Lola Pérez Payá, arquitecto, Marcos Gallud, aparejador, Javier Mateu, aparejador, Domingo Sepulcre, cálculo estructura. Constructora: Sedesa Obras y Servicios. Promotor: Instituto Valenciano de la Vivienda. Fotografía: Joan Roig y Sergio Padura.
Javier García-Solera
Joan Roig
Sant Jordi, Castellón
Sergio Padura
Hecho, Huesca