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Olot. Girona

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House in Olot

Lluís Clotet Ballús e Ignacio Paricio Ansuatégui, arquitectos, y Jordi Julián Gené (Abeba Arquitectes), arquitecto

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Architecture
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The determination to seek a balance between privacy and community guides the entire project process of this family house, which is distinguished by the paradigmatic use of the garden as an element of transition between the exterior and interior space.

The single-storey dwelling is situated on a plot of relatively reduced dimensions that permits integrating the volume in such a way as to insulate it from the neighbouring constructions; in addition, and in compliance of the regulations in force, it is not allowed to build next to the perimeter of the site, and this impedes organising the house around a courtyard that might provide greater intimacy.

The recreation of these perimeter spaces with a depth of between three and five metres, remnants without entity, useless, residual, disproportionate, uncontrolled and visually dominated by the neighbours, has been one of the principal preoccupations of this project. To this end a wooden fence has been built with the maximum permitted opacity, almost two metres in height, following the entire perimeter of the garden and also prolonging the internal divisions of the house. This has transformed strips that are difficult to use into a series of courtyards with considerable spatial quality. Corresponding to each one is an interior room and the other way around, a courtyard is assigned to each room. In order to favour this connection, the façade has been fully glazed so that the house ends up taking over the entire garden and the entire garden takes over the house.

The construction has a prismatic shape and the ground plan measures 32.4 m x 8 metres, with a height of 3.5 metres. The horizontal slab of the roof rests on metallic pillars juxtaposed to the façade glazing. The entrance hall, a concrete prism, absorbs the horizontal stress to thus achieve a completely open-plan layout that can be easily modified. A basement accommodates the installations.

All of the glass panes of the house have a net curtain and a remote-controlled “foscurit” roller blind. A set of generous horizontal pergolas with mobile slats ensure protection from the sunlight in the orientations where this is necessary. A set of north-facing roof lights illuminate the interior spaces.

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Emplazamiento: Olot. Girona. Autores: Lluís Clotet Ballús e Ignacio Paricio Ansuatégui, arquitectos, y Jordi Julián Gené (Abeba Arquitectes), arquitecto, proyecto ejecutivo y dirección de obra. Arquitecto técnico: Santiago Loperena Jené. Product manager: Salvador Pujolas. Colaboradores: Javier Baqueró Rodríguez, arquitecto, Miquel del Pozo Puig, estudiante arquitectura. Estructuras: Jesús Jiménez Cañas (NB-35). Instalaciones: Josep Massachs. Gestor de las obras: Salvador Pujolàs Butiña, arquitecto técnico. Constructor: Construccions Sant Joan. Fotografía: Lluís Casals
Lluis Clotet
Ignacio Paricio
Jordi Julián Gené
Lluis Casals