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Social housing for young people In Can Caralleu

Peris+Toral Arquitectes. Marta Peris Eugenio y Jose Manuel Toral, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Architecture
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This is an austere and intelligent exercise that undisturbingly places a strict and complex residential programme in an area characterised by the absence of nearby references.
The project is organised into two parts resting on a platform bridging the unevenness of the terrain while putting the access at the level of the car park.
The two buildings are anchored in the plinth on the limits of the plot and are joined together by a ground-floor wall that gives unity to the complex while delimiting the public from the private space. A mechanism of small recesses softens the proximity between buildings established by the planning byelaws, dilating the spot of greatest tension in the complex. The volumetry is emptied in the top floor by dispensing with one of the north-facing dwellings, thus improving the sunlight that penetrates between the buildings. The void between them is expanded on the ground floor, giving rise to two porches holding the entrance vestibules.
These are 36 dwellings for young people of around forty metres square, laid out around a single central nucleus that unites the server spaces. Bedroom and living room are read as a unitary and flexible open-plan space. This nucleus, by shifting it away from the centre of gravity of the floor plan, liberates sufficient distance to allow for the threshold, laundry zone and kitchen; meanwhile, the freestanding part generates a double circulation that allows the space to be perceived as limitless, meaning that one never goes back. The occupation of the nucleus activates the void around it, allowing it to be perceived not so much as a residual space but as one that is discovered as one advances, that is, as it is emptied.
The undifferentiated use of the interior space is translated into the use of a single type of window in the façade composition. The traffic noise generates the need for an acoustic filter: a set of galleries whose shade gives a certain depth to the façade, while the shutters of the windows jut out from the plane and throw a changing shadow depending on the orientation. Four large openings create the pattern of the building’s general texture when viewed from the distance of the Ronda de Dalt ring road.

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Emplazamiento: Can Caralleu. Barcelona. Autores: Peris+Toral Arquitectes. Marta Peris Eugenio y Jose Manuel Toral, arquitectos. Constructora: Bruno Rabal. Promotora: Bargur y Fundació Família i Benestar. Fotografía: José Hevia y Gabriel Lerma.
Marta Peris Eugenio
Toral, Jose Manuel
Peris + Toral Arquitectes