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Huéscar. Granada

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Communal granary of Huéscar

Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas, arquitecto

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Architecture
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This is a new space for public use that combines the recovery of heritage elements with an architecture of high expressive value as a consequence of using artisan techniques.
“Although the existence of Huéscar’s Communal Granary was known and even the fact that it stood within the walled precinct, its location had not been established with any certainty. The building that was finally confirmed as the granary featured an almost quadrangular floor plan whose irregularity is explained by the fact that it is attached to the ramparts, meaning that its morphology adapted to the existing one”, say the authors of the start of their experience, which finds its earliest references in the work they carried out before the refurbishment of the neighbouring Keep.
The interior space of this ambitious recovery is structured around four columns and a series of pillars attached to the ramparts, on which rests the frame that supports the second-floor forging and the roof. This is a strongly oversized forging with a dense network of beams given the heavy loads it needed to sustain through its use.
The necessary restitution of the external walls and the recovery and cleanup of part of the original materials has been combined with the use of timber in a similar way as that applied to the nearby Keep. In this way, while the spaces of the old Communal Granary were being fitted out, a link of recognition was created between these two heritage buildings, rescued and transformed in the twenty-first century.
The collaboration with the master cabinetmakers of the town, as well as with members of the Workshop School created for the purpose of refurbishing the neighbouring Keep, has been a key factor in the brilliant final result.

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Localización: Huéscar, Granada. Autor: Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas, arquitecto. Arquitectos técnicos: María Jesús Conde Sánchez y Miguel Ángel Ramos Puertollano. Colaboradores: Michele Panella, Miguel Dumont Mingorance, Francisco Fernández Ballesteros, Elisa Ruzzier, Franziska Blanke, María del Carmen Ramos Puertollano, Juan de Dios Jiménez Ruiz, Alberto García Moreno, David Arredondo Garrido, José Francisco García Sánchez, arquitectos, Flor de Luque Martínez, arqueóloga, Carmen Tienza Durán, restauradora, José Valero - Jovagema, estructura de madera. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Huéscar. Constructora: Escuela Taller de Huéscar. Directora: Misericordia Navarrete López. Módulos de la Escuela Taller: José Floro Ramón Romero, carpintería, José María Martínez Castillo, albañilería. Fotografía: Jesús Granada, Vicente del Amo
Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas