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Barberá del Vallés, Barcelona

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704 gymnasium

H Arquitectes. David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros, Roger Tudó, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Architecture
Description Technical file

A prismatic volume deformed by the slope of the roof and by a porch that turns into the backbone of the whole proposes a subtle alternative to the problem of attaching a gymnasium to an existing school.

The programme developed in this project has been resolved through the model of the “polyvalent gym-hall” for primary schools of the Education Department of the Generalitat de Cataluña. The building must, on one hand, comply with the regulations in force with regard to dimensions and, on the other, connect with the free space occupied by the existing sports track. This manner of occupying the terrain saves on any topographical adaptation for the new construction. The new volume is contiguous to the main access ramp leading into the school and prevents the building from projecting its shadow on the outdoor sports track. The roof is resolved through a slope running parallel to the ramp to keep the building watertight, a more coherent solution than a construction based on lightweight systems. Communications between the different parts of the programme are resolved through a south-facing porch.

The search for a lightweight, industrialised structural system incorporating a low-energy material led to the use of wood as the basic material for the structure and the internal enclosure of the building.

The building’s external skin is made from multi-cellular polycarbonate panels on fillets formed from a series of galvanised omega profiles affixed directly on the porticoes. This solution is extrapolated to all the facades except the porch area. This transparent skin protects the wood and softens a direct vision of it.

In the south orientation and as a consequence of environmental reflection, the transparent polycarbonate skin permits heating the hall in winter, with the heated air from the façade chamber circulating in a controlled manner. A deciduous vine planted next to the chamber that encloses the hall permits controlling the greenhouse effect in the summer. In the north façade, the polycarbonate operates as a skylight to flood the different spaces of the building in natural light.

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Situación: Barberà del Vallés, Barcelona. Autores: H Arquitectes. David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros, Roger Tudó, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Iñaki González de Mendiguchia, arquitecto técnico, Marc Marés, ingeniero (Marés Enginyers), Francesc Rollón, estructura - ADE arquitectura. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Barberà del Vallés. Constructora: TRADE. Estructura: FUPICSA / Finnforest. Cerramientos: Recobriments Estrella / AISLUX. Fotografía: Adrià Goula.
Ricart, Josep
Sabadell, Barcelona
Ros, Xavier
Sabadell, Barcelona
Tudó, Roger
Sabadell, Barcelona
H Arquitectes
Sabadell, Barcelona
David Lorente
Sabadell, Barcelona
Adrià Goula