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El Merca’o

Vaillo&Irigaray. Antonio Vaillo i Daniel, arquitecto, Juan L. Irigaray Huarte, arquitecto. Director de proyecto: Daniel Galar Irurre, arquitecto

FAD Award 2009  Interior design opinion
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This restaurant is closely connected with the exterior, with the street and the neighbouring market, softening the entry of external light through a screen generated by over four thousand green glass bottles and articulating two spaces over two levels: bar and wine cellar.
The restaurant occupies two floors, the first one connected to the market and the second one situated in a semi-basement, while the staircase organises the access from the street in the manner of a central landing. This achieves the creation of two spaces, two different ways of enjoying it: an everyday one, open, flexible, connected to the traffic in the street and the market, organising the circulations and accesses through the bar; and another deeper and more austere one that links its atmosphere to the concept of the wine cellar, an underground place where the foundations of the building are partially exposed.
The spaces are defined by means of curtains: the ones running parallel to the light are made from velvet (good acoustic performance) while those running in an orthogonal sense allow the light through and act as large veils that insinuate the views. An almost theatrical staging dilutes the setting of an intervention (there are no partitions, no concept of a closed box) in which an ambiguity is generated through a succession of veiled spaces.
The use of elements connected with the kitchen-food-market and offered in the manner of project arguments permits architecturising the empty bottles, pots and pans, butcher’s blocks, etc, transforming them into a lattice of green glass bottles, luminaires and acoustic ceilings of pans, tables, benches and floors made from butcher’s boards.
The connection with the exterior is generated through filters: glass fishbowls filled with green glass bottle: they filter the light and the vistas...
The grooved ceiling, like a large dark slotted surface, emphasises and accompanies the spaces in undulating gestures that organise a geometric replica of what occurs at a lower level: bar, high table, bench...

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Emplazamiento: Pamplona. Autores: Vaíllo & Irigaray + Galar. Antonio Vaíllo i Daniel y Juan L. Irigaray Huarte, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Idoia Ibáñez, aparejadora, Juan Carlos La Iglesia, delineante, David Eguinoa, arquitecto, Borja Benavent, arquitecto, José Ignacio Sola, aparejador, Julián Damboriena, aparejador, Luis Miguel Navarro, ingeniero, Oscar Martínez, delineante, Ángel Álvarez, delineante, Isabel Franco, administración. Instalaciones: PyP Ingenieros. Luis Maeztu. Iluminación: ALS Lighting. Anton Amann. Diseño: KEN Comunicación. Promotor: Nueva hostelería del mercado 2006. Constructor: Conslau. Jefe obra: Javier Castro + Benjamin Izquierdo. Fotografía: José Manuel Cutillas
Antonio Vaillo y Daniel
Pamplona, Navarra
Juan Luis Irigaray Huarte
Pamplona, Navarra
Vaíllo & Irigaray

José Manuel Cutillas
Pamplona, Navarra