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Celler de Can Roca

Tarruella&López + Trenchs

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Interior design
Description Technical file

In this project, the authors skilfully use all the resources available – lighting, materials, etc – to create a welcoming environment within a markedly modern framework.
The project starts off from a great void that penetrates the fabric of the existing construction of the main hall. Through this intervention, together with the opening of large windows and the aid of the reflections from the mirrored walls, a set of relations have been created that allow all of the spaces to be grouped into a single suite that is viewed from all sections and communicates with them. These operations connect the immediate exterior with the interior, extending the limits of the rooms and helping to set up a hierarchy of spaces and to organise their uses.
In the triangular floor plan of the existing hall, the proposal perforates the volume with a triangular glass box that brings light and transparency into the interior. This new exterior element is inserted in the interior one, structuring around it the internal circulations and bringing more power and light into the dining hall.
From the street, a new timber-clad façade conceals the door leading to the entrance garden. A voluntarily narrow and dark ramp smothered in vegetation emphasises the dramatic passage into the first of the gardens; once there, the opposite effect is revealed: an open, clear space.
Five large wooden boxes set down in disorganised fashion on the back garden penetrate the enclosure of the old curved porch. From the outside, these volumes conceal, underneath the cladding of old recovered wine crates, the content of wines from different regions. The rest of the cellar, sheltered by the old porch, is laid out in a fan shape according to the organisation of the shelves that hold the wines. And finally, the kitchen, concealed inside the old House, shows itself to the visitor right from the outset through the main door of the house and reveals through its longitudinal route the relationship between the entrance garden and the back garden.
Evaluation of the jury
For the excellence of the craft of resolving the project, the complex and rich combination of materials that configure the precise environment to match the cuisine produced by the Roca brothers.

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Emplazamiento: Girona. Autor: Tarruella&López + Trenchs. Coordinación obra: Damián Mayol. Fotografía: Rafael Vargas.
Sandra Tarruella
Isabel López Vilalta
Trenchs, Ricard