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A Coruña

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Commercial interior design for a furniture showroom

Alfonso Penela Fernández, arquitecto

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Interior design
Description Technical file

A proposal that is characterised by having freed itself from everything that is superfluous, from everything that is apparent, and presenting itself to the public just as it is, though clad in a sequence of laminated wooden slats as a calligraphic solution for an awkward façade.
“Cleaning what is superfluous, leaving the premises as naked as possible and exploding the beauty of the povera…” are some of the basic principles through which the designer seeks to tackle an exercise made difficult by the lack of quality of the existing architecture that serves as the external basis and reference.
The determination of the designer of working with references that approach the aesthetic of “arte povera”, in the line, to give an example, of the works of the French architects Vassal and Lacaton, is revealed fundamentally in the treatment of the technical and structural elements (broken vaults, exposed concrete pillars, poorly resolved drains…) that strongly characterise the premises, in a successful image of austerity and restraint that finally dominates the entirety of an interior space in which the actual architectural section manages to take centre stage.
Finally, and in the manner of a painstaking external wrapping, a veil formed by laminated wooden slats protected by a white lasur delimits the space and insinuates the value of the objects in the interior, introducing the vertical component so typical of the architecture of Alfonso Penela, reflecting the verticality of the above-mentioned section.
Evaluation of the jury
For the radical approach of dispensing with an anodyne ground floor and for the boldness of proposing to denude this showroom to the maximum, committing to a minimal use of materials.

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Localización: Paseo de los puentes 5, bajo. A Coruña. Autor: Alfonso Penela Fernández, arquitecto. Colaboradores: Juan José Taboada Castro y Miguel Camba Constenla. Promotor: Rafael Padín Mouriño (introset). Contratista: Servicasa de Galicia. Constructora: Servicasa de Galicia. Fotografía: Manuel G. Vicente
Alfonso Penela Fernández
Vigo, Pontevedra