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Miramiralls feature. Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo

Varis Arquitectes. Dani Freixes, Lali González, Vicenç Bou, Vicente Miranda, arquitectos

FAD Award 2009  Ephemeral interventions opinion
Description Technical file

The project involves the renovation and update of the mythical mirror room of the Tibidabo Funfair site through a proposal that overflows with magic, imagination and a dominion of optical illusions at the service of the installation.
1905 was the year that saw the installation in the funicular train stations of the Tibidabo, in Barcelona, of the first concave-convex mirrors in Spain. The grotesque and deforming images they produced attracted thousands of visitors and made it last through time. Its location has changed over the years: it has passed through several spaces in the funfair site until its present location in the MiraMiralls hall opened in the year 2008, where startling visual effects and new technologies have been added to the traditional mirrors.
Through the application of optical mirrors and new technologies, MiraMiralls proposes a route through a series of scenarios that have the objective of teaching us to look. Thus, for example, we can see how a pumpkin is transformed into a carriage or a toad into a crown. During the route we cross an infinite storeroom of toys or a starry sky. At the end is a hall with the traditional concave and convex mirrors from the historic mirror hall of the Tibidabo.
The project proposes route through which one discovers a series of spaces in which magical moments succeed each other, moments inspired in the world of illusion and fantasy.
The authors of the intervention, the team from Varis Arquitectes, establish a series of prior imagination-driven conditions for the possible visitors:

We must not be afraid.
We must be imaginative.
We must seek out new paths and confront the mystery.
We must love geometry.
We must know how to look at the stars.
We must make wishes.
And we must know how to keep memories and secrets.
And, as a corollary, we must be very sure that in order to reach the light we must know how to walk in the dark …

Evaluation of the jury
For the magic, imagination and dominion of optical illusions at the service of a feature in the tibidabo funfair, conceived to make children laugh and think.

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Localización: Parc d’ Atraccions Tibidabo. Barcelona. Autores: Varis Arquitectes. Dani Freixes, Lali González, Vicenç Bou, Vicente Miranda, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Cecilia Rueda Ruiz, arquitecta. Constructora: Lunatus. Ingeniería: Grupo JG. Ingenieros Consultores de Proyectos. Atrezzo: Castells de Cardedeu. Promotor: BSM. Barcelona de Serveis Municipals – Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo. Fotografía: Mihail Moldoveanu
Dani Freixes
Varis Arquitectes
Vicenç Bou

González, Lali
Vicente Miranda
Mihail Moldoveanu