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Casals House. Temps de flors 2008

Laura Camprubí Trepat, Luz Duque Tardáguila, Gabriela García Solórzano, Antonio Zamora Cabrera, y Pedro de Ponte Ranboux

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Ephemeral interventions
Description Technical file

An innovative proposal within the context of the Temps de Flors flower festival, which is characterised by a montage of considerable scenographic value and great visual richness.
In the quest to domesticate the exterior through spaces such as the courtyard, traditional Mediterranean architecture transforms the small gestures inherent to a more domestic landscape into architecture: a vine, a wicker mat and even a sequence of strings from which to hang the washing that, through the shadows, light, reflections, movements and leaks of the various elements, build and recreate the atmospheres of this transition space.
Our proposal reinterprets the gaze on this space by translating the tree structure to these small gestures of the traditional architecture or landscape. The verticality of the void acts as a base or trunk for this matrix that filters the relations between the interior and the exterior of the space: light and shadow. The sequence and partial superposition of these elements that complete the structure of the void find the gaze in the different points of the space from which it is perceived: outside, inside, above or below”.
In this way, with a powerful poetic charge that does not conceal the architectural values of the proposal, the authors of this ephemeral space “built” with the festive attributes that characterise the “Temps de Flors” competition do the authors explain the reach of their proposal.
The montage is resolved through a structure of wires arranged horizontally and sequentially at a height, holding in the different strata a set of wooden frames whose size and layout vary. The proposed vegetation “Tillandsias usneoides”, hangs from the perimeter of the frame as does the washing hanging in the courtyards.
“Tillandsia usneoides” or the “air plant” is an epiphyte (a plant that lives off other plants). It is not a parasite as it does not feed off its host but is nourished by air, humidity and the few minerals carried by the wind, insects and falling leaves. It hangs from the branches of trees, grows in strands of a greyish colour and flexible stem, chained one to the other to form hanging structures.
Evaluation of the jury
For the success in the choice, plasticity of the montage and visual richness of this installation inside a courtyard, distancing it from classic floral schemes.

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Emplazamiento: Casa Casals, Girona. Autores: Laura Camprubí Trepat, ambientóloga paisajista; Luz Duque Tardáguila, Gabriela García Solórzano, Antonio Zamora Cabrera, arquitectos paisajistas; Pedro de Ponte Ramboux, estudiante de arquitectura. Colaboradores: Biel Horrach, Jordi Soler, Manuel Güemes, arquitectos; Vivers Ter; Construcciones López i Corominas. Fotografía: Biel Horrach, Jordi Soler.
Duque Tardáguila, Luz
Garcia Solorzano, Gabriela
Zamora Cabrera, Antonio
De Ponte, Pedro
Camprubí Trepat, Laura