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Inhabiting, Eating and Cooking. Col·legi Oficial d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)

XavierVendrellStudio + dataAE. Xavier Vendrell, Claudi Aguiló, arquitectos, y Albert Domingo, ingeniero industrial

FAD Awards finalist 2009  Ephemeral interventions
Description Technical file

This project has the objective of hosting a temporary exhibition through the use of a minimum number of materials on which to display a large amount of information
The project for this exhibition follows a route through different housing typologies and the relationship between the domestic spaces, especially between living room, dining room and kitchen. The show boasts the participation of around a hundred architects with different professional, academic and theoretical experiences. The exhibition is composed of graphic documentation selected by each one of these architects through two examples, one of a multi-family dwelling and one of a family house.
The proposal was drawn up with the idea of transforming the exhibition space of the Architects’ Association in a staging characterised by the colour black, which impregnates the floor, walls and ceiling and is organised around vertical banners of differing lengths that in some cases might not contain any information.
The base for the information is a large-format paper loop with the exact size of a bobbin and therefore not transformed, hanging from the ceiling by a galvanised steel tube that is in turn tensioned by means of another tube.
The banners are organised in a rigorous order that is altered by a crossing that makes the proposed grid compatible with the existing structure of circulations, one that in turn provides transversal views and different perspectives for the visitors, who bring a dynamic to the space when moving among the banners.
The exhibition contains a compilation of the information generated through the contributions of different architects from Barcelona and Chicago, who are used to reflecting on the world of the dwelling, and which ends up establishing a physical and open dialogue on the different manners of building, understanding or inhabiting the domestic space.
On one side of the banners is the information generated by the Barcelona architects, and on the other that of the Chicago architects. The exhibition does not follow a pre-established route. The numbers featured on the banners may establish a possible one.

Evaluation of the jury
For an extremely simple and effective display treatment to showcase a considerable amount of information through the use of the smallest possible number of materials and through a minimal transformation.

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Emplazamiento: Col·legi Oficial d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC). Comisariado y diseño de la exposición: XavierVendrellStudio + dataAE. Xavier Vendrell, Claudi Aguiló, arquitectos, y Albert Domingo, ingeniero industrial. Organización y producción: Área de Activitades Culturales de la Demarcación de Barcelona del COAC. Colaboradores: Roberto Cavia, Ivo Henriques, Adrià Guardiet. Diseño gráfico: LaMosca. Montaje: Xylo formas. Fotografía: Xavier Padrós.
Xavier Vendrell
Claudi Aguiló Riu
Albert Domingo
Xavier Padrós