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Raimon Parera, interiorista

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The obligation to maintain the façade of a building listed as featuring historical and architectural interest and the design of the ceiling as the element of reference in the project characterise the work done on this commercial space.

One of the challenges posed by the project was to conserve its façade and the original enclosure elements such as the two windows and the door that gives access to the establishment, which have been entirely restored with the intention of turning them into the true show windows of the shop. The two cast iron pillars in its interior have also been fully conserved, both in their base and in their capitals, allowing them to be glimpsed through perimeter cavities in ceiling and floor.

Especially representative is the ceiling, which slopes from the highest point of the façade to the back of the shop. Here an original irregular spiral has been opened that with its great plastic power confers its own identity to the establishment.

With regard to the materials, and in keeping with the project’s philosophy, a continuous white cement mortar floor has been chosen. On the walls a soap-based stucco with matt characteristics in an off-white colour has been applied, while in the cash register area turquoise-blue tiles have been chosen to give the space its only touch of colour.

In addition, the author of the project has designed all of the furniture in order to give the shop an exclusive look. A large table with hangers that descend from the ceiling and hang above it presides over the central space and becomes the circulation element for the public. The tabletop is made from saw-cut pinewood, and the structure is in MDF lacquered in the same shade as the walls and ceiling. The rest of the furniture is composed of a unit with curved shelving, also in saw-cut pinewood and with an iron structure, a unit for the cash register area, which follows and insinuates the curve of the wall and has also been clad in the turquoise-blue glass tiles, with the top in frosted glass. Lastly, the stainless steel rods from which the garments hang have been designed to follow the curves of the walls, creating zones in the space and floating atmospherically.

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Emplazamiento: Barcelona. Arquitecto de interiores: Raimon Parera. Ingeniero: Xavier Jiménez. Colaboradores: Sílvia Casals, Maria Just. Fotografía: Eugeni Pons.
Raimon Parera
Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona
Eugeni Pons
Lloret, Girona