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Salvador Fábregas para Urbes 21 dotaciones urbanas

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In an urban space there are numberless elements that facilitate and further the wellbeing of the citizens. One of them is the tree well, understood as a figure that goes unnoticed in the urban landscape yet is increasingly acquiring notable importance, both aesthetic and ecological.
Very simple in design, Tres is a tree well characterised by a great economy of parts and production processes as well as a maximum of adaptability to its function and 100% recyclability at the end of its useful life.
For its designer, “thanks to its unique clover leaf shape and the colour play it introduces, it sets off and enhances the space where it is situated at the base of the tree trunk, avoiding its negative perception as a dog toilet, rubbish bin or ashtray”.
The tree well is conceived as two equal pieces, with a unique shape that fits into the tree surround, adopting the shape of a clover leaf and establishing a close tie between a square and an inscribed triangle. The placing of a triangle inside a square means that, when twisting the position of the tree well, the triangle shifts to absorb any possible shift caused by the growth of the tree or the repaving of streets or boulevards, as it permits considerable leeway in the positioning achieved through this movement without evidencing an off-centre installation. This dispenses with the need to use more parts, to break up slabs or building works.
The organic shape of the clover leaf contrasts with the rigid geometry of the square, discreetly fitting into an eminently urban environment, delimiting pedestrian zones and favouring safe pedestrian traffic while the grooving of its surface allows the tree well to use rain for watering.
The internal part is in polyethylene. It does not require maintenance and features absolute resistance to corrosion and a good ageing process.
The Tres tree well incorporates an external frame to facilitate installation on site and made from galvanised steel sheeting.
It is available in various colour combinations.

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Salvador Fábregas para Urbes 21 dotaciones urbanas
Salvador Fábregas Perucho
El Masnou, Barcelona