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Hotel Diagonal Zero

Estudi Joan Pascual. Joan Pascual Argenté, Ramon Ausió Mateu, Cristóbal Fernández Zapata, arquitectos

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The Hotel Diagonal Zero forms part of the complex situated at the starting point of Avenida Diagonal of Barcelona, next to the sea, at the crossing of Rambla Prim and calle Taulat and very near the Forum building. This building is articulated by the break-up in height of an initial prism, thus adopting different shapes as it gains height and slenderness.
The built complex features an articulation of volumes resting on the different alignments of the streets, consolidated through the appearance of changes in volumetry as it gains in height to comply with the existing planning regulations that establishes the maximum heights of the buildings situated in the surroundings at a hundred, eighty and fifty metres.
The plinth formed by the ground floor and first floor holds the hotel entrance leading to the vestibule, a double-height space connecting with the first floor where the banqueting halls and meeting rooms are situated.
In the front of calle Taulat and calle Alfons El Magnànim is the main restaurant of the hotel, which has its own independent entrance from the corner of Avenida Diagonal.
In the centre of the floor plan are the general vertical access units and the service zone which cross the building in its entire height. The vertical cores consist of two general evacuation staircases, a double column of four lifts for clients and two internal service lifts. Access to the first floor is complemented with an open staircase situated in the main vestibule and directly connecting with the foyer on the first floor, which houses the banqueting halls. At the back of the floor plan is the goods entrance zone, the loading and unloading bay and the area servicing the main kitchen.
On the first floor are the public-use spaces for the banqueting hall and a large hall that can be partitioned off, with vistas of the back garden.
In the front giving on to calle Taulat are the variable-size rooms used as clients’ meeting rooms. The first floor is complemented with a Business Centre situated above the hotel entrance, linked with the first-floor foyer via a walkway and open to the double space of the ground-floor hall. The 15th floor houses a multifunctional room linked to a large terrace-vantage point. Floor 17 boasts an outdoor swimming pool and a solarium.
The hotel has a total of 256 rooms situated between floors 2 and 14, and the dimensions of the standard room are eight by four metres, with an entrance holding the wardrobe, a platform for suitcases, safe and fridge, a double bedroom and an en-suite bathroom.
On the outside the building is clad in a natural granite ventilated façade and glazed enclosures on lacquered aluminium frames.

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Emplazamiento: Rambla de Prim / Passeig del Taulat. Barcelona. Autores: Estudi Joan Pascual Argenté. Joan Pascual, Ramon Ausió, Cristóbal Fernández, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Javier Sanz, Montsant Permiquel, David Paterson, arquitectos. Estructura: Static - Gerardo Rodríguez. Instalaciones: PGI grup. Arquitectos técnicos: Espais Forum: Jaume Fitó, Marc Peris – TRAM. Subirats Berenguer: David Díaz, Antonio Fernández. Constructor: Espais Forum – Subirats Berenguer. Interiorismo: Varis Arquitectes. Promotor: Espais Forum – Gerard Corporation. Fotografía: Lourdes Jansana y Mihail Moldoveanu.
Joan Pascual Argenté
Ramón Ausió Mateu
Estudi Joan Pascual
Cristóbal Fernández Zapata