L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona

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Hesperia Tower Phase II: office complexand aparthotel of the Hesperia Group, in L’Hospitalet

Alonso y Balaguer, arquitectos

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As a complement to the recently inaugurated Hesperia Tower hotel built by the same architects, this one is an annexe with a horizontal composition and volumetry, connected to the tower via the basement floors and containing an aparthotel, several commercial premises and the central offices of the Hesperia Group.
The powerful volumetry of the neighbouring Hesperia Tower hotel, also designed by the architects Alonso and Balaguer in association with the British architect Richard Rogers, as well as its verticality and formalisation have had an undoubted influence on the typological solution of this second phase. The great height of the building (105 metres) and the powerful formal expressiveness and verticality of many of its compositional elements (staircases, upper restaurant, lifts, external vistas, etc) clearly required adopting a solution that would not and did not compete but rather establish a respectful dialogue. The proposal thus puts forward a building of low height that, through strategic breaks in its profile, adapts and establishes its different uses without resulting from a provocative formal distinction.
In answer to the different conditions of its surroundings, and choosing a clear option defined by its formal simplicity, the construction is broken up into two bodies joined together by the communications units and facilities, creating a landscaped central space that projects outwards, creating pergolas that define the entrance and the different accesses from the inside.
The volumetry expresses in an unequivocal manner the presence of a building with a complex programme, with inlets and projections, differences in heights (used to create terraces for the suites) and uses, whose façade, limited by a frame of exposed concrete, marks a horizontality that unifies and brings fluidity and entity to the complex. The use of colour is key in balancing out the power of the image of the ground-floor shopping mall, the result of its required corporate emblem.
The landscaping of the central space, approached as the continuation of the neighbouring par of Feixa Llarga, has generated a large lake-pond that generously reflects the new construction, considerably softening the meeting point between building and surrounding urban space while enveloping and enhancing the old Bellvitge chapel, a true archaeological jewel that has recently been restored.

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Alonso y Balaguer, arquitectos
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