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L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona

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Nuclo, gastronomic restaurant. Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Toyo Ito, arquitecto

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This is a lightweight, weightless and transparent volume with a great deal of expressive strength that seeks to harmonise with nature, putting water, natural light and organic shapes centre stage in the conceptual line of its author, the Japanese architect Toyo Ito.
Nuclo is a restaurant situated in the new vestibule of the Gran Vía site of Fira de Barcelona in a building whose vestibule establishes a frontal relationship with Plaza Europa, where the municipality of L´Hospitalet de Llobregat is developing an ambitious project of urban remodelling with the aim of creating a new centrality.
An architecture of diffuse limits characterises this project and offers essential clues to understanding the theoretical foundations of the work of the Japanese architect Toyo Ito, inspired in the relationship with nature, the search for movement, lightness and a passion for the ephemeral.
As in the rest of his work, Toyo Ito has managed to empty the restaurant interior of superfluous accessories: nothing is de trop, everything is necessary. The hues of the wenge wood are combined with white and a touch of electric blue. The restaurant interiors repeat the aesthetic and functional message of the Japanese architect: sophisticated simplicity, sinuous shapes more typical of the natural environment, equilibrium and harmony. The glass walls over five metres in height allow natural light in, giving life to an open-plan yet warm space.
The conceptual and formal strength of the architecture is transmitted to the interior of the establishment as a consequence of its amplitude, great height and the power of the resulting volume. An unevenness created in the floor permits a greater perspective over the dance of water jets in the planned fountains, as well as a greater vision of the public space of the plaza.
The central part of the planned space includes an elliptical wine cellar that can store a thousand five hundred bottles and dialogues with its surroundings via a play of transparencies and light effects that, at night and owing to its red-coloured lighting, is transformed into the true heart of the restaurant.

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Localización: Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona. Autor: Toyo Ito Arquitectos Asociados. Colaboradores: IDOM (ingeniería), ICON/Akari Ishii, Artec (estudio lumínico). Fotografía: Rafael Vargas.
Toyo Ito
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona