Multi-family dwellings

Tiana. Barcelona

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55 protected dwellings and car parks in the sector of Can Jordana in Tiana

Conxita Balcells Associats

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Arranging two residential blocks in the opposite sense to the curves of the level of the terrain and perpendicular to the roads characterises this powerful public housing intervention that also introduces elements that affect the sector’s urban structure.
This is a public housing development of the I.M.P.S.O.L., a metropolitan institution, with a programme of two housing blocks with a total of 55 residential units and 73 parking spaces. Block A has 23 dwellings, 30 parking spaces and 10 storage units, while building B has 32 dwellings, 43 parking spaces and 16 storage units. The development is situated in the sector of Can Jordana, to the east of the town of Tiana, part of the Community of Municipalities of Barcelona’s Metropolitan Area.
The constructions have been sited on a trapezoid-shaped plot with a surface area of over five thousand metres square formed by three natural terraces in an old farming sector that is no longer used, and with a topographic difference between them of approximately two metres.
The development consists of two two ground-floor and two upper-floor buildings. The proposal is for a double-block typology with an internal corridor. This communal space incorporates a series of courtyards that illuminate and ventilate the corridor while allowing for crossed ventilation in the dwellings. The buildings adapt to the changing topography of the farming terraces, resulting in a set of graded volumes that diminish the impact on the surrounding landscape.
Each one of the buildings has two entrances and communications suites, one in the car parking level with a vestibule giving on to Calle de la Riera d'en Font and another one in the upper floor, in the other end of the block. This is a project that ultimately achieves the best possible orientation for the dwellings, while providing an ample interior green space for the use of the neighbours.

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Emplazamiento: Riera d’en Font. Tiana, Barcelona. Autor: Conxita Balcells Blesa, arquitecta. Colaboradores: Bernuz.Fernández Arquitectes, estructuras, Joan A. González Gou, instalaciones, Maria Manrique, arquitecta directora de obra, Daniel Malo, Ana Lete, Gisela Planas, arquitectos. Arquitecto técnico: Roig i Duran. Dirección facultativa: Aumedes D.A.P. Constructora: Dragados. Fotografía: Lourdes Jansana.
Conxita Balcells
Lourdes Jansana